They Have Cheese en Paris!

Eiffel Tower Paris, FranceI got to Paris today! I extended my layover just 48 hours because it just seemed a shame to be in Paris (at the airport) and not actually see Paris. Unfortunately, my red eye flight left me in Paris at 6:00 in the morning, completely exhausted. Plus all the taxis and buses were on strike. Boo. All I was armed with was explicit directions to get to my Couchsurfer’s place via bus.

Plus, I’m in Paris dressed like a crazy African.

So, yeah, I find the bathroom, put on a decidedly more normal ensemble (though my hair is still braided and my eyes are SO puffy; it’s not exactly the trés chic look I always imagined for my premiere trip to France) and head to information. The Metro is my only choice. For all the traveling I’ve done, I still don’t like / fully grasp public transportation. I pull out the address while she maps out a plan of action.

Besides a quick detour going the wrong way on the Metro, and one quick stop to ask a sweet old man (in my best French) if I was headed in the right direction, I found my new home!

My host immediately asked if I wanted coffee (God bless the French!) which I did, but I also wanted a nap and I hemmed and hawed and eventually drank the coffee… and then immediately took a nap. I was that tired.

Later, we went scooting around to the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame and ate croque monsieurs and went to that bridge with all the love locks and I was feeling like, I’ve only been here for like twelve hours! I’ve still got 36 more to go!

But my favorite thing about Paris, or anyway my favorite thing that I did… was picnic! Picnicking in the US is so totally for small children, but picnicking in Paris is for everyone! And I mean, I think half of the population of Paris was sitting by the Seine drinking wine and eating baguettes, and cheese, and meats, and fruit and ALL the things. Plus, my host had introduced me to some of his friends and together we had made some new friends and I just had all the friends and all the food (all the foods that I had NOT had in Africa) and I was so happy.

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