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Hot Air Balloons in Lake Havasu

I’m super excited on the inside, but man my body is tired right now. Yesterday was my last day at work for the holiday season, and I have so many adventures planned for this week. So this morning I packed everything into my car super early,...


Damn you, Delaware!

Got into Delaware last night for three days in Rehoboth Beach! Too bad it’s so windy the birds can’t even fly where they wanna fly. Besides the beach, I literally knew nothing about Delaware. Sorry, Delaware, but you aren’t exactly making the headlines out on the...


Re-poed Moped

“Everything takes forever here in Guinea,” I complained to my mom. “Well, what exactly takes forever?” “I dunno, but it’s like if we go to town to buy a pineapple, like, 12 people have to come and then we have to make all these stops...