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The Simmer Helmet

I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself, but I’ll give you a quick 4-1-1 anyway. We met some people camping next door last night and besides offering us adult beverages, they had a black bicycle helmet with the word “Simmer” painted on it. When...

Wellfleet Drive-In 0

Drive in Movie!

They have a drive-in movie theatre on Cape Cod. I haven’t been to a drive-in since I was like, four and a half. I didn’t even know they still existed anywhere. And with a Goonies / Gremlins double play, who could resist?


Adventures on Cape Cod

My first night on Cape Cod, I camped at Nickerson State Park. The lake was delightful and not terribly cold, and I went swimming for the first time in a while. The camping was nice enough, I mean, besides the people at the site next to...