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Guinea: Not JUST an Ebola Country

A few years ago, people couldn’t point to Guinea on a map. Even people who thought they knew something about the West African country were usually just confusing it with somewhere else. People still probably can’t point to Guinea on a map, but at least...


Adiós Africa

…. I get to Yamo: my 11-year-old bestie. I’m honestly not sure I could’ve made it through three weeks in Africa without him. I hug him and hug him… When I let him go, I see that he is crying too. It breaks my freaking heart.


Re-poed Moped

“Everything takes forever here in Guinea,” I complained to my mom. “Well, what exactly takes forever?” “I dunno, but it’s like if we go to town to buy a pineapple, like, 12 people have to come and then we have to make all these stops...


Ramadan in Guinea

Today is the first day of Ramadan. I should have thought about that before booking my ticket. I seriously hope I get sufficiently fed for the remainder of my time here. I saw Sorel eating a piece of bread today though, so I asked Ali...


African Drum Lesson

The twins asked if I wanted to learn some more African dance this morning, but I was so freakin’ lethargic, I told them no. But then I went to the circus school with Yamoussa anyway. Norbert greeted me as soon as he walked in. Norbert is...


Another Day in Paradise

I ate beans with pasta and mayo for breakfast this morning. With an orange soda. I have no idea how that makes sense, but I am just grateful I recognized everything on my plate for once. There was a terrible storm last night, so it’s much cooler today....

African Beer 0

La Bière

I gave in and I’m drinking the one can of beer my new African sister bought for me. Apparently she was asking about me before I got there, and who knows how it came up, but Seny told her that I drink. So there was...


Yamo: My Ray of African Sunshine

I’ve been in Africa for a few days now and I’m not going to lie, it’s been kind of tough. Okay, super tough. Like sometimes I just want to ugly cry and bang my head on a wall. I have asked myself a lot of...

Going To Africa 0

On My Way to Africa!

I did it!! Holy crap: I’m on my way to Africa! I found a bus ticket from Seattle to Vancouver and a reasonably-priced, last-minute ticket leaving from Vancouver, B.C. to freaking Conakry. I’m a little bit nervous because well, I screwed up big time. My dad is...

Africa on My Mind 0

Africa on My Mind

I’m totally freaking out. I have kind of a large friend group of West Africans from my stint at the circus, and tonight they invited me to Africa with them! At some point when I was working for the show in Dallas, they found out...