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C21 Louisville

Since I’m still kinda freakin’ sick, I didn’t go out on my first night in Louisville. Or, Luvul, as the locals call it. Ha! I can’t pronounce it “right” even when I try. I’m Couchsurfing again. Cool thing though: I actually know the guy I’m...


Dogfish Head Brewery

After my not-so fantastic welcome to the state of Delaware yesterday, the day finished strong. I finally did get to go on my Dogfish Head Brewery tour, PLUS the tour comes with four mini sample beers. One was called Namaste. Besides loving the name, I totally...


They Have Cheese en Paris!

I got to Paris today! I extended my layover just 48 hours because it just seemed a shame to be in Paris (at the airport) and not actually see Paris. Unfortunately, my red eye flight left me in Paris at 6:00 in the morning, completely...