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Let’s Talk about Iowa

Last night I got in to Iowa, State 49! Only Arkansas to go. Last week I updated my mom on my progress and I was like, “Only Iowa and Arkansas to go!” And she said, A. “I’ve been to Iowa before,” and B. “My cousin...


Damn you, Delaware!

Got into Delaware last night for three days in Rehoboth Beach! Too bad it’s so windy the birds can’t even fly where they wanna fly. Besides the beach, I literally knew nothing about Delaware. Sorry, Delaware, but you aren’t exactly making the headlines out on the...

African Beer 0

La Bière

I gave in and I’m drinking the one can of beer my new African sister bought for me. Apparently she was asking about me before I got there, and who knows how it came up, but Seny told her that I drink. So there was...