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Women Iditarod 2019 1

Women of the Iditarod 2019

It’s that time of year again!! Time to learn about the badass lives of the incredible women of Iditarod 2019. If you don’t know much about the Iditarod, just know that it is an annual long-distance (1,000-ish miles; the route varies slightly each year) dog sled...

Iditarod 2018 1

Women of the Iditarod 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Lady Roster for the “Last Great Race on Earth”! If you read last years article, you already know a bit about the race and some of the fine female participants. This year I’ll try to bring you a few NEW fun...

Weird Things to do in Alaska 4

Wild & Weird Things to do in Alaska

Alaska is a state that has seriously captured my wandering soul. As a proud member of the “All 50 States” club, I easily recommend Alaska as the #1 place you have to see in the US.  Seriously, forget about LA and Vegas, Alaska is where...

Women of the Iditarod 2017 4

Women of the Iditarod 2017

The word “Iditarod” comes from an indigenous Athabascan word, meaning “distant place.” Although the course is not technically the same every year, the race is listed as being 1,049 miles… not because that’s the actual distance, but rather because Alaska is the 49th US state. Actually,...

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Liebster Award 2016

Oh, hey! My first blog nod! TravelExperia has nominated me for a Liebster Award… and as a super new blogger, I’ll take any kind of award I can get. 😀 Here are the questions they asked: Who or what inspired you to travel? When I...


Nebraska to South Dakota

This is not my favorite way to travel. I feel like I’m rushing. But the truth is I’m anxious to be home and the weather is terrible and that has cut short a few days of driving now. Plus, I was planning on camping the...


Chena Ice Museum

Honestly, I had been told the ice museum was lame. And I had been told the ice museum was awesome. Well, the ice museum cost $15, so I figured I’d decide for myself. I loved it. I mean, who wouldn’t love life-size ice jousters? And...


Glorious Morning for a Glacier Landing

The stars finally aligned for me this morning! After meeting a couple of pilots last night at 49th State Brewing Co., I pulled some strings and got myself scheduled for an early morning glacier landing. After a night full of free beers and laughter at...


America’s Birthday

Last night we celebrated the 4th of July at 49th State Brewing Co. I’m pretty sure fireworks are illegal here and I’m positive it never gets dark out. #LandOfTheMightnightSun #AKward


First Time Fly Fishin’

Went fly fishing today for the first time. First time fishing in general. Like, ever. Salmon don’t run this far north and in fact, the Nenana River doesn’t have fish at all, so we headed out the Denali Highway a bit and made our way...