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Weird Things to do in Alaska 4

Wild & Weird Things to do in Alaska

Alaska is a state that has seriously captured my wandering soul. As a proud member of the “All 50 States” club, I easily recommend Alaska as the #1 place you have to see in the US.  Seriously, forget about LA and Vegas, Alaska is where...


Summer Solstice

I’ve never really celebrated Summer Solstice up until now, but man, 49th State Brewing Co. knows how to throw a good party. And there’s actually something to celebrate when it’s been daylight for 3 months. Here’s to live music and hippie dandelion crowns! And cheers...


America’s Birthday

Last night we celebrated the 4th of July at 49th State Brewing Co. I’m pretty sure fireworks are illegal here and I’m positive it never gets dark out. #LandOfTheMightnightSun #AKward