Adventures in Sedona, Arizona

I’d been meaning to do a weekend trip up to Sedona, Arizona for the entire two months I was in the Phoenix area, but THIS HAPPENED, so Sedona didn’t happen.

So, even though it added extra drive time and I’ve totally back tracked at this point, I spent the day hiking those famous red rocks I’d been hearing about.Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

And it was awesome. And so totally worth it.

It appears that the actual town of Sedona is adorable, but I didn’t really bother with it. I’m on a tiny bit of a time crunch to get to San Diego by Friday so I can head to Ensenada for some wine tasting with friends, so I must prioritize: today is for hiking.

But I didn’t really know where to hike or what exactly I wanted to see: sometimes I just don’t want to hang out online researching stuff. I stopped by information and picked up a map which turned out to be unhelpful. Worthless.

I eventually pulled over by some sign that said “Scenic View” or some other not-super-informative thing. There I found another map, which was a tiny bit better. At least I could tell that there were hiking trails that began there.

I paid my $5 for parking, slapped on my sneakers and I was off!

And I hiked and hiked and as I got close to Bell Rock, I saw people hiking / climbing all over it. Having no idea which trail would take me there, I off-roaded and went straight for it. I started climbing and climbing and I don’t know how high I climbed or how long it took, but it made me very happy. Each time I turned a corner, I was treated to a new sight that left me wanting more. So more I did.

Eventually I realized I was super high up and having no idea what time it was, I decided that making my down would be the thing to do. Make sure I didn’t get all lost in the desert after dark and all.

Some day I’ll be back. And I’ll hike longer and farther and get started earlier in the day.

And maybe even do a little shopping in the downtown Sedona, Arizona. 🙂



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