RR: Better OFF: Flipping the Switch on Technology – Eric Brende

I’m totally biased on this one, because despite being somewhat tech savvy, I bought this book at the local Goodwill knowing that I agreed with pretty much everything he had to say before I even read the first inside page. Basically, the question the author explores is this: Is there a thing as too much technology? Were we in fact better off (happier, less obese, freer etc.) before the advent of all these modern “conveniences”? Of course, after living a practically Amish life for a year, he concludes that the answer to all of those questions is undoubtedly, yes. He does eventually find a bit of a middle ground and readopts using a telephone in his life and keeps a car on the ready for long term travel to visit far-away family. I think I mostly like that SOMEONE actually takes the time to slow down and consider each new technology and consciously decide whether or not it will add or detract from one’s quality of life.

Get Better OFF <- HERE. Or at your local bookstore. Yeah, definitely try to support local business.

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  1. Maya says:

    Have you put it into practice? This sounds like just what I need and believe, but it’s hard with blogging. I’d love to hear if it helped or how you balance.

    • ladyhobo12 says:

      Well, I certainly haven’t “Gone Amish” but I still have only a flip phone… which gets left in the car when I go out. I don’t have a TV or even watch movies on my computer. I think it’s about balance and I feel like a lot of people have let the pendulum swing too far and we’re beginning to see the consequences of that.

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