Photos of Slab City, California

Words are probably insufficient to adequately describe the wonder known as the “Last Free Place on Earth,” so here are some photos of Slab City, California. For a bit of the history and my personal experience at the Slabs, you can check out this link: Slab City 2016  where I attempt to explain the campsite / art museum / no-mans land in the middle of the desert, called Slab City.

2019 Update: Click here to read the update and see the *new* photos!

Anyone else ever been to Slab City? Tell me what you think of this crazy place in the comments below.

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Photos of Slab City, California

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4 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Amazing Place! Thanks For The Tour!!!

  2. Life, Other Than says:

    What a crazy place! Super photos! I’ve definitely got to visit!

  3. Anwar says:

    Thanks for the photos too! so amazing! I really would love to see more of it now!

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