New York City, Baby!

I’m baaa-ack! I spent three months in NYC for a fashion internship roughly a decade ago and for all the traveling I do, I hadn’t been back. Until yesterday.

Super stoked to be in the big city, on my first day, I decided to go visit the upper-west side building that I used to call home: International House.

I have a million fond memories of this place (and NYC in general) but as I approached Sakura Park from the south, a very, very, vivid memory came back to me and I couldn’t help but laugh like a lunatic: These are the stairs where my most embarrassing moment in life took place.

All I see when I look at this picture of my old home, is me, wearing new gratis shoes from the internship, tripping down these stairs and landing on all fours at the bottom. In the middle of a party. In front of every single human that I knew in New York at the time. It all happened right there. Those are the steps.



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  1. Bill says:

    Go Lady Hobo!

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