My West Virginia Family

I got to West Virginia later than I had hoped last night. Specifically, after dark. And unfortunately (though not unexpectedly for the night before a huge event) the camp site I had picked out was booked solid.

I remembered passing a state park on the highway, so I decided to back track and perhaps camp there. But there wasn’t actually camping there. I was striking out and it was getting late. I was so tired. I got on the Googles in search of more sites. I found one that sounded promising and beautiful. It was about 15 minutes away from Bridge Day, so I thought maybe it was more likely to not be totally full.

I followed the directions meticulously. I turned right on a gravel road as instructed and looked around for the site. But it was dark. I drove to the end of the gravel road, but it looked like someone’s driveway. I U-turned. I was kiiiiiinda getting annoyed, and I wanted to sleep so bad. The campsite had to be close by. I was almost all the way back out to the main road when I spotted an RV. And then another one. Upon further inspection, there was a campfire. Hallelujah!

Private West Virginia Camp Site

My Private West Virginia Camp Site

I pulled in. But then I wasn’t sure if it was the site. So I started to back out. But then I was like, What if this is the site? If it was, I certainly didn’t want to do any more driving around. A dog started barking and right behind him, a man walked toward my car. I rolled down the window.

“Is this a camp site?”

“No, this is private property.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. There’s supposedly a campground very near here, do you know where it is?” He tells me where he thinks it might be and then gives me some info about another one in the area.

“But I don’t know if that one’s open this late in the year…” he concludes. “You just got a tent?”


“Well, hell. You can go ahead and set it up right over there on that flat area if you want. We’re down at the fire drinking beers if you want to join us.”

And that was that.

He came back a few minutes later with, I think it was his brother-in-law, and they helped me set up.

“It’s cold out here tonight. You got a good sleeping bag?”

I assured him that I did.

“Alright then. Well, have a good night. We’ll have some hot coffee and breakfast for you in the morning.”

People always worry about me crossing paths with terrible people out on the road, but I always run into such wonderful humans. Someone recently told me it seems like I have a guardian angel watching over me. I think I just might.

The next morning I had breakfast in the RV with the family. We had eggs and bacon with biscuits and a whole lot of hot coffee.

“I was worried about you out there last night!” the man’s wife exclaimed over breakfast. The woman had been fretting about my well-being before I even met her. She talked my ear off and kept my coffee cup full. Before the meal was over, they invited me to stay another night. Bless these kind, not-strangers-anymore.

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