My Red High Heels

Red High HeelsA few years ago, I decided to be a thrift shopper. I felt like the cool, funky kids were doing it, I was slowly becoming aware of my impact on the world, and then there was Macklemore. I decided it would be my new thing.

It went terribly. I’m from a small, frumpy country town. People don’t have a lot of money or care a lot about fashion. I scoured the racks and eventually found a sort of cropped, tweed blazer. One cropped blazer. I had wanted a whole new hippy wardrobe full of delightful off-beat clothing. I didn’t give up right off the bat, but later trips to my local store proved equally fruitless.

But here I am, temporarily staying in a much larger, affluent city. Last week, I decided to hit up the local Value Village that I pass by every day on my way “home” and give my theoretically-awesome thrift shopping another go. I was completely shopping deprived all summer in Alaska and now, there were a few things I needed for my upcoming road trip.

I bought so many things! Things I love. Things I don’t need! Funky leather ankle boots, a chunky sweater, a great fitting pair of jeans! I can’t even find a great fitting pair of jeans at Macy’s… yet here they were, for $ 7.99.

I came out with half a new wardrobe and $30 less in my pocket. Thirty dollars. It was every dream of thrift shopping I’ve ever had, manifest in real life.

Today, I decided to go back. You may have noticed that on my first trip I actually bought nothing for my road trip, unless I want to argue that my great pair of jeans will in fact be coming with me.

So I went back to check on some camping shit. And possible road trip accessories. And also, I couldn’t stop thinking about this pair of heels that were there last week. They were red; they were patent leather; they were in great condition; they were Nine West; and they were $12. But I hadn’t bought them… because A. My left foot has been in pain for the last week, and I think it’s a bunion forming, and I’m terrified of having old lady feet, so all online literature is telling me to avoid heels, and B. I felt like I was getting out of control with how much stuff I was buying and although I wasn’t spending a lot of money, I don’t actually enjoy owning a lot of stuff. I had JUST dropped off a whole back seat’s worth of junk at Goodwill from my storage, like three weeks before. Plus, would I need patent leather heels on my road trip?! Answer: NO. But I might want them…

They were still there. I tried them on again.

I didn’t buy them. I still might. But I don’t want to buy things and just put them in storage. And I don’t want old lady feet! Have I said that? I think I’m a minimalist. I think. But I like shopping. So, I end up buying things and then getting rid of things. So, I think that’s just a waste of money. Basically, I had a serious moral dilemma in the shoe aisle of Value Village.

I walked back to housewares. I bought a pot, a pan, two plastic plates, two plastic bowls, and two books. I’m pretty much ready for my trip, but I can’t get those dang shoes out of my head.

I am a lady. I am a hobo. These are the things I struggle with.

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