I Sell Snacks

Following in the footsteps of the many great hobos before me, I accepted a low-paying, temporary job on Saturday night.

I now work at a convenience store.

I debated not telling anyone. I get a little frustrated with people telling me I’m better than this, that, or whatever. I ended up telling my parentals anyway since I’m not great with secrets… and they laughed. It was the best I could have hoped for.

Yes, I see irony in being 10-years post graduated from college with honors and working at the independently-owned equivalent of a Seven-Eleven. I get it. My friend’s family business needed help; I need the money. But it’s also not nearly the worst job I’ve had. I get to wear my own casual, hippy clothes, listen to my Latin music, and eat all the snacks I want. Which is a lot.

I am happy to sell Skittles and cigarettes to attractive businesspeople a couple hours a day.

I need to get prepped. My road trip needs to commence on November 10th, my last day selling snacks.

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  1. December 2, 2014

    […] morning, I was on my way in to sell snacks, and this was happening behind me. I kept trying to turn around and take in the beauty of it all, […]

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