Hot Air Balloons in Lake Havasu

I’m super excited on the inside, but man my body is tired right now. Yesterday was my last day at work for the holiday season, and I have so many adventures planned for this week.

So this morning I packed everything into my car super early, did an hour of hot yoga, and then drove right to Lake Havasu! And by “right to Lake Havasu,” I mean, I only pulled over once to nap and once for those flashy red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. What is it with me and cops? And is it seriously illegal to have a crack in my windshield? And do I actually need to get it fixed if I’m leaving the state of Arizona in three days?

Anyway, I made it to Havasu, saw some hot air balloons, and now I’m getting ready for bed, because tomorrow I’m hoping to delve a little deeper into this balloon thing: and by that, I mean, do more than lay in the grass eating cheese curds and staring at the sky for an hour.

Have I mentioned I’m tired?

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