Frank Pepe’s Pizza

Frank Pepe's Pizza

Frank Pepe’s Pizza

I camped in Connecticut last night at another state park. State parks have really been bailing me out recently, but also why are they so dang expensive?

Either way, I hit the road heading toward Lancaster to see the Amish, but these east coast states are so small, I figured I might as well do something while I was Connecticut. And normally when I decide to do a little something, that something is eating. So I Googled delicious places to eat in Connecticut and decided to head toward Frank Pepe’s in New Haven.

I found street parking, tried to pull myself together in the rear view mirror (clean clothes / hair combed) and headed inside. The sign on the door said to seat myself. I wandered inside and found the bathroom, but then I didn’t see any tables available so I asked a server.

“Oh, you’ll need to wait at the front to be seated.”

“Oh…” I started to explain that maybe they should swap out their sign, but she was off to her next pizza-serving duty before I could finish. It was busy after all.

After a few short minutes, I was seated. A few minutes later, I ordered a pizza and a beer. Then I settled into my booth and watched the guys make the pizza in the wood fired stove while other confused patrons tried to seat themselves.

I got my beer, then my pizza. I ate the whole freakin thing. And apart from the one side of the crust being a little over cooked, it was delicious, just like the Yelp reviews said it would be. Not really sure how to wrap up this story, but go there. And eat.

And Frank Pepe’s, if you’re reading this, try to get your sign straightened out.

Update: The results are in and it’s is official: Frank Pepe’s has been voted #1 in the freakin’ country! Who studies these things anyway? And where can I apply for national pizza taste tester? Read more about America’s Best Pizza.

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