Family Bonding + Acrobat Practice

As soon as I got up today, I wanted a nap. So, that’s basically what I did: napped like a champ. In the afternoon, I went with Yamoussa to watch the boy practice acrobatics… They practice in the saw dust. After an hour or so, it started raining like crazy. Practice was cut a little short due to flooding, but we had to get back for the meal and the praying anyway.

Here’s the video:

After dinner, I had a really good conversation with Nfanly, my big brother, via Google translate. He asked which foods I like and which foods I don’t like. I told him I like potatoes and fruit. That spicy is no good for me and I’m not crazy about the fish. i should have mentioned all this two weeks ago, but I want to, ya know, experience Africa. What do I want to eat? Whatever you guys eat. Kind of. But not fish heads. And no orange soda for breakfast. And seriously, my eggs don’t need mayonnaise. Thanks anyway.

Then he said he knows it’s hard for me here, and he said they were going to miss me when I left. I almost cried. Then Na, my African mother, asked to see pictures of my family so I showed her my parents and my grandpa and the brothers… the nieces and nephews. It felt like a real conversation, and I wasn’t even using Google Translate. “C’est ma mere.” “Mon pere.” “Mon petit frere.” “Le fils de mon grand frere.” It might not have been perfect, but they understood and they seemed to care. A lot. I think they might have looked at pictures of my family and listened to my crappy French for the rest of the evening, but my computer battery was died.

It was time to call it a night anyway.

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