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BACK Working at the Circus

As of yesterday, I have made my way to Orange County and settled in with a most-generous relative and as of today, January 28th, I am officially working at the circus again. Instead of working in the box office like before, I’ll be working in one...


Wine Tasting in Ensenada

Another day, another dolla’! And by dolla’ I clearly mean “city.” Another day, another city to explore. In this case, it’s even a different country. Welcome to Ensenada, México! Home of delicious wine. I don’t know about you, but before a dear friend of mine...


New York City, Baby!

I’m baaa-ack! I spent three months in NYC for a fashion internship roughly a decade ago and for all the traveling I do, I hadn’t been back. Until yesterday. Super stoked to be in the big city, on my first day, I decided to go...


Adiós Africa

…. I get to Yamo: my 11-year-old bestie. I’m honestly not sure I could’ve made it through three weeks in Africa without him. I hug him and hug him… When I let him go, I see that he is crying too. It breaks my freaking heart.

African Beer 0

La Bière

I gave in and I’m drinking the one can of beer my new African sister bought for me. Apparently she was asking about me before I got there, and who knows how it came up, but Seny told her that I drink. So there was...


Nebraska to South Dakota

This is not my favorite way to travel. I feel like I’m rushing. But the truth is I’m anxious to be home and the weather is terrible and that has cut short a few days of driving now. Plus, I was planning on camping the...


Yikes! Lights!

I went to the Salt Lake City Zoo Lights the day after Christmas. Leave it to me to get into the holiday spirit a tiny bit after Christmas. Then, at the recommendation of my father, I drove down to Temple Square and meandered around to take...

Christmas Cheer 0

Christmas Cheer

I’ll admit it. Maybe I’ve worked retail one too many holiday seasons or maybe it’s just pessimism. I really think it’s real though: the holidays suck. What really goes on this time of year is people are extra stressed. They rack up credit card debt...

Current US Travel Stats 1

Current US Travel Stats

This is where I stand for US travel, my personal map. Not too shabby. Then again, there are a LOT of blankity blanks on there that I would love to fill in. Now, I AM always impressed with people who have been to every state...