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The Sourtoe Cocktail Experience in Dawson City

Start cleansing your palate, my trendy libation lovers. There’s a new drink in town. Introducing: the Sourtoe Cocktail! The cocktail du jour of the Yukon Territory. Sorry, a what?? What exactly is in that? Glad you asked. It’s NOT a regular cocktail. In fact, you can get your...

Iguana Hunting Hopkins Belize 2016 0

Wild Iguana Hunting in Hopkins, Belize

  I roll over when I hear my friend enter the dorm room at the Funky Dodo. We are in Hopkins, Belize and I’m trying to nap. “Dude! You gotta see this video!” She shoves her camera in front of my face and hits Play. I...


Guinea: Not JUST an Ebola Country

A few years ago, people couldn’t point to Guinea on a map. Even people who thought they knew something about the West African country were usually just confusing it with somewhere else. People still probably can’t point to Guinea on a map, but at least...

Photos of Slab City Shoe Tree 4

Photos of Slab City, California

Words are probably insufficient to adequately describe the wonder known as the “Last Free Place on Earth,” so here are some photos of Slab City, California. For a bit of the history and my personal experience at the Slabs, you can check out this link: Slab...

Cirque du Soleil Toruk 0

Toruk: The Flight before the Flight

Last night was the preview night for Cirque du Soleil’s new show Toruk: The First Flight. Why premiere such a fancy show in Bossier City? I’m not 100% sure. They are currently calling it a “soft” opening though, and I think that might have something...


Adventures on Cape Cod

My first night on Cape Cod, I camped at Nickerson State Park. The lake was delightful and not terribly cold, and I went swimming for the first time in a while. The camping was nice enough, I mean, besides the people at the site next to...


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is legit! And by legit, I mean gorgeous and full of frolicking baby goats and fireweed. More to come… no time for interneting today.


Glorious Morning for a Glacier Landing

The stars finally aligned for me this morning! After meeting a couple of pilots last night at 49th State Brewing Co., I pulled some strings and got myself scheduled for an early morning glacier landing. After a night full of free beers and laughter at...


Chichen Itza

Best pseudo-Christmas present ever! A quick and dirty trip down south to catch a little Vit D and throw down another check mark on my travel list. Or at least it would have been had it not been for the immediate and all consuming food poisoning...