C21 Louisville

Since I’m still kinda freakin’ sick, I didn’t go out on my first night in Louisville. Or, Luvul, as the locals call it. Ha! I can’t pronounce it “right” even when I try. I’m Couchsurfing again. Cool thing though: I actually know the guy I’m staying with. Like, we used to hang out in San Diego when my friend was dating his roommate and I had no idea he was from Louisville / had moved back until I found him on Couchsurfing. We ate edamame pasta, drank wine, and talked about the old times instead of hitting up the town.

C21 Louisville

Interactive Art at C21 Louisville

Today I was determined to at least do SOMETHING. I had a frustrating day of reformatting files for “work” at a coffee shop called Please and Thank You, and then headed downtown for some exploring. First Stop: C21 for a cocktail and some art. I enjoyed most of the pieces on some level, but this interactive piece had to be my favorite. Through some miracle of all things modern, when you walk by, YOU are projected on to the wall. Like, there’s me! But not only that, letters fall from the sky like snowflakes. You can catch words in your hand or simply see what collects on your head. Then shake them off and watch them fall into the abyss, while more letters, now different colors rain down on you. I stood there playing with letters for like, a while. If it weren’t for, ya know, people I could’ve stayed there for hours. 🙂

After the museum, I walked over to the Brown Hotel, another recommendation from my Couchsurfing friend, for a self guided tour. I have no idea what people are doing drinking red wine in sparkly mini dresses at 3:00 p.m. on a Thursday, but I like it. I suppose there’s no reason I couldn’t be that person. If only I had known! And owned a sequin mini!

Anyway, I poked around just kind of being a tourist. I meandered through the Crystal Ballroom , not knowing if that was a place I was supposed to be. A few employees came in and I thought maybe they were going to tell me to leave. “I love your hair!” was all they said to me, as they went around and set up table cloths or something.

At this point, I headed back to the house for a nap-ski. I’m not SUPER sick, but my energy is lower than low and my eyes kinda hurt and there’s a bit of pressure between my eyes. So, yeah, I guess that is sick. After the nap, I headed to Tom and Chee for a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and that was bomb. Everything I wanted and needed in my life. 🙂

I have already taken a shot of Nyquil, so I expect sleep will take over momentarily.

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