Accidentally Homeless

I’m accidentally homeless as of this week. Oops! I thought I knew when my last day of work was and I wasn’t terribly satisfied with my living situation, so I moved out. Okay, “Not terribly satisfied” is an understatement. I really didn’t like the lady I was living with and figured it’d be less stressful to sleep under the stars or in my car or basically anywhere that wasn’t with her.

I knew of a couple camping spots in the vicinity, and I always have a tent in my trunk, so I figured I’d camp for the last couple nights in town.

Then my manager asked me to stay another week. And a week after that. So now I’m accidentally homeless, and I have another nine to ten days to go. I called my dad to see if maybe he knew anyone in the area I could crash with for a few days.

ME (to dad): “Uh, I accidentally made myself homeless yesterday.”

POPS: “Eh, I bet you kinda like that though.”

ME: “Yeah, I kinda do.”

Except when I work at 6 a.m. and have to pack up my tent in the dark, cold, RAIN. Also, I should probably shower soon. 😉

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