La•dy /ˈlādē/ – Once confined to usage when specifically addressing women of high social class or status; over the last 300 years, the term can now be used to refer to any respectable adult woman.

Ho•bo /ˈhōˌbō/ – A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond—especially one who is penniless.

Travel Bloggers: Lady Hobo

Going on an Adventure: Age 5

And thus is my life…

Suffice it to say, I’m not much for long-term plans, but I am definitely one for long-term adventures. One-way tickets halfway across the globe and massive, destination-unknown road trips are my jam.

2019 marks my sixth year as a hobo.

About Lady Hobo

The Trip that Started it all: 18th birthday in Spain!

I’ve now worked in 9 U.S. states… I’ve had gigs in baking and banking and ballroom dancing. The last two years have been mostly circus work. I’m hoping whatever I end up doing next will be just as random. I love the novelty and learning that comes with trying new things.

After a few months of contract / seasonal / temporary work, a bit of time reading books about distant lands, getting inspired and pumping up my bank account… bam! Foreign lands call and I must purchase that ticket to Guatemala or Guinea.

Life has been good for the last few years. And I’m getting better all the time at this thing called living an unconventional life.

I’m not much for generic travel tips, but I’m all about sharing my magical adventure stories … and the major disasters too. <<Don’t DIVE the Blue Hole in Belize!>>


<<what YOU can expect to find here>>

Making New Friends:  Empanada Stand Adventures

Eating Weird Things: Wild Iguana Hunting *with a side of seasonal veggies*

Going Strange Places: Ever Heard of Slab City? 

Attending Phenomenal Parties: Ain’t no Party like a Circus Party

Discovering Nature’s Beauty: Check out this Bison Traffic Jam in BC

And just Trying to Stay out of Trouble: Getting your Moped Repoed in West Africa


A hobo wanders and works, a tramp wanders and dreams, and a bum neither wanders or works.

– Unknown

Travel Blogger Lady Hobo

Current-ish Shot of Moi: Crater Lake, Oregon

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