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Guinea: Not JUST an Ebola Country

A few years ago, people couldn’t point to Guinea on a map. Even people who thought they knew something about the West African country were usually just confusing it with somewhere else. People still probably can’t point to Guinea on a map, but at least...


BACK Working at the Circus

As of yesterday, I have made my way to Orange County and settled in with a most-generous relative and as of today, January 28th, I am officially working at the circus again. Instead of working in the box office like before, I’ll be working in one...


Premiere Party du Cirque du Soleil!

So… maybe my French is still terrible. Either way, last night I got the invite to the Cirque du Soleil “soft opening party” for Toruk – The First Flight. Or rather, the invite came a few days ago; the actual party was last night. If...