Somewhere Under the Rainbow…

RainbowI’ve always been a journaler. Always felt the need to let it all out on paper after a long day, a sexy week, or a whole year of happiness. And while, in general, I find that my journal is far too personal to ever print verbatim online, some of my best (read: most hysterical) work is done when I’m too exhausted for words and / or schwasted. My favorite is when I don’t even remember what I wrote… or that I wrote something in the first place. The following is my exhausted notes from last night:

No idea what day it is… 20-something?

I’m exhausted beyond words… went east to visit the grandparents. Got lost / ate chocolate / almost ran out of gas on the way home. Rebecca called. My phone died. Cut a few layers in my hair. Called her back. Almost fell asleep. Mentioned my plethora of current physical ailments. Her response: Sounds like the universe is trying to tell you something. I think she is right, but what exactly?! Zzzzz….

Yep, I actually wrote z’s in there to indicate I was actively falling asleep. Also, can’t believe I mentioned that I trimmed my own hair (while my phone was charging), but failed to mention that I saw the most incredible rainbow, like maybe ever.

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