Another Day in Paradise

I ate beans with pasta and mayo for breakfast this morning. With an orange soda. I have no idea how that makes sense, but I am just grateful I recognized everything on my plate for once.

There was a terrible storm last night, so it’s much cooler today. I can wear my sweater to keep the mosquitoes away AND I’m wearing mascara cause I don’t think I’ll sweat it off. Ha! I am physically comfortable for the first time in like ten days, or however long I’ve been here now. 😀

This afternoon, I went with Yamoussa and watched the twins and Licki perform at half time of a soccer game. The soccer players wear jelly sandals (like I used to in 1993) and play on a mini-field that is concrete. The twins are incredible contortionists. Here’s a video of a bit of the performance:

After the game, Yamo’s mom was at the house. She lives and works in Gambia, but I guess she stops by for a few days every now and then. She speaks English! So it was super exciting to have a human I could communicate clearly with. Yamo hadn’t told her that he was learning some English, but be HAD told her that he was in love with a white woman. 😉 I’m kind of in love with him too.


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